To prepare the curriculum, we started with a literature review including the research about fostering algorithmic thinking skills in preschool education. Secondly, we organized workshops to gather information and know-how about how to teach algorithms in different development areas such as cognitive development (mathematics, science and nature), language development (native language and first foreign language), motor development (sports and play, art and handcraft, music and dance), social and emotional development (social and emotional learning, social life skills) and self-help skills development (health and daily life skills).

On this page, you can find the knowledge paper including the compilation of literature reviews carried out by the partners and giving information about the integration of algorithmic thinking skills in preschool education. You will also have access to a booklet including example learning activities about how to foster algorithmic thinking skills in different learning areas. Finally, you will will be able to read and download the higher education course curriculum which will be used by the project partners in the piloting process.

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