Our Goals

Out first goal is preparing a course programme and teaching materials to teach preschool teaching undergraduates how to reflect the algorithmic thinking
skills in all areas of preschool education and integrate it into the teaching of music, art, mathematics, drama, science, behaviour development, native language and first foreign language development, which are addressed in early childhood.
We also aim at
– Closing skills gaps in ICT oriented teaching/learning activities for immediate impact on contemporary teaching skills of preschool teaching undergraduates
– Increasing the acquisition of knowledge and skills of preschool teaching undergraduates related to employing algorithmic thinking skills through play-based learning
as an innovative teaching approach
– Upskilling the lecturers of the partner universities related to the integration of algorithmic thinking skills into all subject areas focused in preschool education.

Our Activities

We will start with the management activities together with the dissemination. Before the kick-off meeting, we will start preparing the the first report of the intellectual output 1 (IO1). Following the completion of the IO1, we will move on to the preparation of of IO2. Piloting process will follow the finalisation of the IOs. Finally, multiplier events will take place in the partner countries. 

Expected Results

– Project practice will provide us with a successful course content of which effectiveness and innovation are tested and proved scientifically.
– We will prepare a journal article and share the results of the project practice with academia. This will increase the visibility of the project practice and serve to widen its dissemination area.
– The preschool teaching undergraduates who take this elective course in the next years will receive their ECTS credits as well.
– The project practice will strengthen collaboration among European Universities and ICT sector representatives.
– All scientific documents produced during the project practice will be published and open access on this project website.


The project practice will directly impact on the preschool teaching undergraduates’ upskilling in the teaching of different subject areas. They will learn how to support children to see the happenings from different angles. The creation of different algorithms (small steps) which we will follow will lead us to totally different experiences. Undergraduates will also learn how to support children to create algorithms, to apply them and see if they can reach the objective or not. Undergraduates will also learn how to support children to check their steps, to see the problematic ones and correct them.
This means if we can improve the reasoning of children, we will be able to equip them with the necessary skills to create codes (consist of algorithms), to solve problems, to see the happenings from different aspects and to come up with functional ways to achieve their objectives. This will also provide them to have the skills to be employed.