Algorithmic Fruit Salad From SdR

Algorithmic Fruit Salad From SdR


In April 2022, Scuola di Robotica, in collaboration with the primary school ‘Cantore’ in Genoa, created an ‘algorithmic’ fruit salad with primary school children (6 years old).

After presenting the Algolittle project very simply, with several examples and showing some small robots, we, with Teachers Stefano Fazzi and Silvia Beghello, and the first class B, organised a fruit salad according to Algolittle’s recommendations.

With the children, we discussed how to design fruit salad flowcharts, depending on the fruit chosen.

In the pictures, the adults cut the fruit with knives, but then all the children participated, writing their own flowcharts and mixing the fruit.

In the end, the children divided it into glasses, calculating how many spoons per glass, and we all ate it together!

It was a very fun experiment and we also discussed hygiene and good eating habits, for example, the need to increase fruit consumption in our diet, and why.

In the pictures, some moments of the algorithmic fruit salad preparation process.

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