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ALLOGLITTLE team is honoured to announce the preparation of the scholarly monograph “Teaching For the Future in Early Childhood Education” as part of the project practice. The manuscript will be published as an e-book by the University of Maribor Press, in collaboration with the University of Maribor, Slovenia and the University of Rijeka, Croatia. Below,…
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The School Council of the IC Sampierdarena primary school in Genoa has decided to develop the ALGOLITTLE project – a project inspired by the ALGOLITTLE Erasmus project – for the 2022-23 school year in collaboration with Scuola di Robotica. The IC Sampierdarena of Genoa and its Headmistress, Prof. Sara Bandini, are the Referents of the…
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Algorithmic Fruit Salad From SdR

THE ALGORITHMIC FRUIT SALAD In April 2022, Scuola di Robotica, in collaboration with the primary school ‘Cantore’ in Genoa, created an ‘algorithmic’ fruit salad with primary school children (6 years old). After presenting the Algolittle project very simply, with several examples and showing some small robots, we, with Teachers Stefano Fazzi and Silvia Beghello, and…
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Workshop in Slovenia

Workshop sessions started at 14:00 and lasted 90 minutes.  Prof. Marta Licardo opened the session and made an informative speech about the project Algolittle as well as the aim of the workshop. After a short conversation, Marta Licardo continued the session with the presentation of the concept of an algorithm, algorithmic thinking skills and examples…
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UNIRI Meetings with Students

UNIRI project team organised three online introductory meetings with university students to present the project ALGOLITTLE and its objectives. The meetings took place in January 2021 (one meeting) and June 2021 (two meetings). In total, 124 students participated in the meetings.

SdR Internal Meeting

The Project Coordinator Fiorella Operto organised an introductory meeting to present the ALGOLITTLE project and its objectives to 9 staff members of the Scuola di Robotica. It was a profitable meeting where the responsibilities of each member were handled.

UM Meeting with Academics

27 academics in the University of Maribor came together on 08.12.2020 for the introductory meeting of the project ALGOLITTLE. PhD Marta Licardo presented the project practice and its objectives.

IDU Meeting with Students

The online meeting with students took place on 08.01.2021. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the project ALGOLITTLE to İzmir Demokrasi University Students. 44 students participated in the meeting where the project coordinators introduced the students to the Erasmus+ programme and ALGOLITTLE project and its objectives.

IDU academics came together for ALGOLITTLE introductory meeting

İzmir Demokrasi University academics came together online on 07.01.2021 for the introductory meeting of the project ALGOLITTLE. 19 academics participated in the meeting and Prof. Dr İlke Evin Gencel introduced the project objectives and outcomes to the audience. At the meeting, European Union Erasmus+ Programme and its objectives were also on the agenda. The meeting…
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Published Papers

Algorithmic Thinking 6 (You can access this paper over the link.)