Meeting 2

Meeting 2

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the second meeting was planned and carried out online. 

The online meeting was held at the Microsoft Teams meeting platform and Assoc. Prof. Dr Marta Licardo and Prof. Dr İlke Evin Gencel welcomed the participants at the beginning of the meeting. 

The delegations of all partner institutions/organisations were ready at the meeting. The curriculum and its annexes were reviewed for quality evaluation and partners decided to receive the views of an external expert later on.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Marta Licardo presented Output 2. The main idea of the first part of O2 was to create and pilot interactive animated presentations. Students would view these presentations before the lesson, then they will complete the lesson in their presence. 

The training activity was also planned. It would be done from 2 to 10 hours per week. This was optional. The presentations would introduce faculty students to the integration of algorithmic thinking with preschool education. Therefore, the integration would be explained in detail in the presentations through explanations, interactive sections such as accordion books, quizzes, and videos giving information about possible learning activities.

Partners also handled the piloting process. They would set up a virtual classroom. In the piloting, they would use produced digital teaching materials from IO2.

See here the virtual classroom powered by Moodle platform and embedded into this website.

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