Meeting 3

Meeting 3

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the third meeting was also planned and carried out online. 

The online meeting was held at the Zoom platform and both Assoc. Prof. Maria Figueiredo and Prof. Dr İlke Evin Gencel welcomed the participants at the beginning of the meeting. 

The delegations of all partner institutions/organisations were ready at the meeting.

At the meeting, discussed that SdR, Educloud and IDU prepared two extra books on learning activities. In these activity books, preschool teachers’ suggestions were examined and the activities were arranged to support algorithmic thinking skills. The partners agreed to disseminate the activity books to their networks. The partners also discussed the possibility of holding the next meeting face to face since the pandemic was getting weaker as a result of the vaccination process.

Partners handled the quality evaluations later on and the news on the social media accounts of ALGOLITTLE.

Partners reviewed that The curriculum had been uploaded in all languages to the project website. EduCloud presented the previous deadline of the end of October and the process for animations. The need for time for technical work was reinforced. All material would be prepared in English at first and then translated to the partner languages. Educloud would prepare translation documents to facilitate the process. Partners welcomed the translation documents since otherwise there would be difficulties with formatting. Information about the module in the form of PowerPoint presentations was suggested as a way to present the module to the students. Other resources were also possible (videos, quizzes, etc). Partners discussed several suggestions for resources and Educloud clarified all technical questions. IDU presented an example of animation already developed for module 1 and the option for presenting it online with a short google form survey to check for understanding. Partners congratulated the work but again expressed a preference for Moodle for the possibility of submitting tasks and creating a feeling of community. Educloud agreed to establish an e-learning platform on Moodle.

Participation in events, publication of news, sharing e-newsletters with contacts, and social media posting were discussed. A report on dissemination was presented. Some activities were limited by pandemic restrictions. Social Media report: 153 followers on Instagram, 465 followers on Facebook, and 31 followers on Twitter (mostly Turkish). It was suggested that partners actively looked for more followers on several social media. The project website was always updated and the design was attractive. Partners were reminded to share the newsletters regularly and to inform the project coordination about the contact list. Some online events were shared by partners. News pieces published about the project were presented as well. It was discussed that with due Covid-19 precautions, some face-to-face dissemination events were possible. In terms of publications, partners shared their conference submissions. IDU shared the ErasmusDays experience since they presented Algolittle there. The virtual exhibition was also presented to the partners. The Research Gate project page was mentioned as well as the upload of papers to Academia.edu, as well as the fact that they have attracted attention. 

SdR declared that they could find a possibility to pilot the course although it was not originally in the application.

a- Assessment Techniques

Preparation for the piloting paper was started as it needs to be ready before the piloting for the research paper. A discussion about possible instruments to be used in the piloting ensued. 

Based on this, the summative and formative assessments would be realised as follows.

1- Students’ reflections regarding each module application

2- Quizzes in each module presentation

3- Pre and posttest

4- Students’ video testimonials

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