Meeting in İzmir

Meeting in İzmir

Since the Covid-19 pandemic was on the decline, partners participated in the İzmir meeting. Croatian, Slovenian, and Italian delegates participated face to face, and Portuguese delegates attended online. Prof Dr İlke Evin Gencel opened the meeting with a welcome speech.

Before the talks about the piloting process, Prof Dr İlke Evin Gencel gave a presentation about the completed, ongoing, and upcoming activities regarding the preparation process of the intellectual outputs.

Each partner member evaluated the project activities to date and shared their views regarding the process. Partners found the process smooth and effective in general.  Partners discussed that at the end of the workshops they gathered useful information. Italian and Turkish partners developed learning activities and prepared activity books as extra work. In Portugal, Assoc Prof. Dr Maria Figueiredo and Assoc. Prof Dr Valter Alves developed a card game as an additional contribution to the project (for the IO2). Slovenian partners carried out training activities before the actual piloting process and piloted the effectiveness of the curriculum beforehand. As a result of their seminars with teachers and students, they also gathered many learning activities. Prof Dr Lidija Vujičić declared that they applied some learning activities in the kindergartens in Rijeka, also supervising their undergraduates. She indicated that the compliance of children to learning activities designed in a way to employ algorithmic thinking skills was quite successful and they could engage easily. PhD Fiorella Operto stated that the Italian piloting process was going on with current preschool/kindergarten teachers and some preschool teaching graduates. Partners also considered this application as another contribution to the project practice since this would provide them to analyze the efficiency of the piloting process for both undergraduates and current teachers. 

Then PhD Student Büşra Akyüz gave a presentation about the piloting process at İzmir Democracy University. After that, all partners took the floor in turns and explained how their piloting processes were going on. Accordingly, all partners declared that they continued their piloting processes, and the training activities will end at different times and in the first week of June at the latest. 

All partners declared that they already applied pre-tests to their trainees. 

Before the session started, the Vice-Dean of the Education Faculty of IDU Gülçin Mutlu participated in the meeting and welcomed partners. 

Partners agreed with working on 2 articles one regarding the curriculum preparation process and another one regarding the piloting process. Prof Dr Marta Licardo spoke of the analysis methods for the research. The planning of the article writing process was handled and the scientific methods of the research were discussed. For the second article, partners decided to use SPSS to analyze the results and use nonparametric tests. 

Partners decided on the next meetings and their scheduling. All meetings were planned at first as face-to-face. But, partners’ considerations regarding the face-to-face meetings differed since the project was near the end. After several discussions, the partners decided to hold the next meetings online.

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