From Maria Antonietta Valzano

From Maria Antonietta Valzano

Primary School in Roma

I am trying to finish the modules. In module 5, there are two activities to be done in groups. I have written one and it should appear, the other one I can’t do according to the criteria described, I have planned and done two of them with the classes, and I’ll describe them here. 

Basically, I have adapted the objectives to the primary school. I hope they can be used as work for the modules. Unfortunately, I can’t follow the preschool objectives because I don’t have adequate knowledge of them. 

Second class:

Subjects: science – technology – civics

Observation of the environment – detection of the functions of the parts 

1 Organise the trip to the park with the class, the children must bring a notebook or a sheet of paper and a pen. 

2 The children are divided into groups and once in the park they observe according to these criteria:

a – natural elements,

b – anthropic elements,

c – living elements,

d – non-living elements

3 When they return to the classroom, the groups record their findings.

4 A discussion is started on the functions of the various elements noted by making a diagram of their use.

5 Discuss the importance of common spaces as an asset for all, respect for the environment and its protection, following a diagram for correct behaviour.

4th class


Children are introduced to the working materials for building a robot and programming it for a specific purpose. It is explained that robotics also includes Roboethics, which regulates the purposes and uses of artefacts.

A flowchart is created with the children for scanning the activity so that it can be carried out independently by the various groups following the various steps. 

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