Multiplier Event – Rijeka

Multiplier Event – Rijeka

The Rijeka Multiplier Event was held on 13th June 2022 from 13.00-16.00 at the Faculty of Teacher Education at The University of Rijeka with the participation of 31 academicians and preschool teachers from different education institutions.

Assoc Prof. Dr Marta Licardo from the University of Maribor also participated in the event as a keynote speaker.

The event started with the welcome speech of Prof.dr.sc. Lidija Vujičić, Dean of the faculty, continued with the introduction of the curriculum, knowledge paper, activity books and the interactive animated presentations, explanations about the piloting process and students’ experiences.

Finally, participants tested the interactive presentations and observed unplugged learning activities together with the activities with robotics in a workshop activity.

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