Workshop in Slovenia

Workshop in Slovenia

Workshop sessions started at 14:00 and lasted 90 minutes. 

Prof. Marta Licardo opened the session and made an informative speech about the project Algolittle as well as the aim of the workshop. After a short conversation, Marta Licardo continued the session with the presentation of the concept of an algorithm, algorithmic thinking skills and examples on integration of algorithmic thinking skills into early childhood education. Then she continued with the presentation on Algolittle project goals and outputs.

Reflections from participants were provided by means of a question-and-answer session. Educators stated that they already apply certain algorithmic thinking skills in working with children but did not understand this in the way it was presented to them during the workshop. They offered several examples of activities that can be used to solve a problem through a series of steps or by repeating certain steps until a goal is reached. Educators stressed the importance of integrating algorithmic thinking skills in early childhood education through game-based learning, which was basically the main goal of the workshop, through the use of games with simple algorithms, simple experiments, dance choreography, board games, gamification, trial and error, storytelling, changing roles, labyrinth solving exercises and specific situations that children encounter in everyday life.

After a successful discussion, the participants were instructed to fill in an online form on the quality of the local workshop organisation and to provide five examples of integrating algorithmic thinking skills in early childhood education by filling the Activity pool – notes of the workshop participants.

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